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Congratulations to Dr. Ben Mortenson as the Co-Investigator and Dr. Sara Ahmed as the Principal Investigator for receiving a research grant from the Craig H. Neilsen Foundation!

Project title: Integrating Patient-Centered Outcomes in Rehabilitation and Community Spinal Cord Injury Care

Principal Investigator: Dr. Sara Ahmed

Co-Investigators: Dr. Ben Mortenson, Dr. Susan Bartlett, Dr. Dalton L. Wolfe, Dr. Richard J. Riopelle, Dr. Vanessa Noonan, Dr. Diana Zidarov, Dr. David Tulsky

Program: PSR Studies and Demonstration Projects

Institution: McGill University


The overall goal of this demonstration project is to make spinal cord injury (SCI) care more patient-centered through routine collection of a core set of SCI Patient-reported Outcomes (PROs) and clinician ratings (i.e., SCI-CORE Set) that individuals with SCI and health professionals prioritise. SCI-CORE will be collected regularly via online electronic data capture with real-time scoring and reporting (EDCR) to guide SCI rehabilitation treatment.