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Informal Discussion on How to Improve Rehabilitation Services to Persons Living With a Physical Disability

Please join us for an Informal Discussion with Dr. Bonnie Swaine:

How to Improve Rehabilitation Services to Persons Living with a Physical Disability 

Bonnie Swaine, PT, PhD is full professor of the Physical Therapy program, Université de Montréal, as well as scientist and co-scientific director of CRIR, the Centre for interdisciplinary research in rehabilitation of Greater Montréal.  Her research focuses on examining and improving the quality of rehabilitation services (e.g. Dance Therapy, Rehab interventions/programs for persons with a traumatic brain injury). Since 2011, and through the RehabMaLL project she co-leads, she has developed an expertise in using a Living Lab approach to study how environments (physical and social) can facilitate participation of persons with a disability.

DATE:    January 31st, 2017

TIME:    12pm-1pm

PLACE:  GF Strong Rehabilitation Center

4255 Laurel St, Vancouver

Social Services Seminar Room